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Houston (Galleria), TX


Galleria Corporate Events at The Rustic Brush Galleria

The Rustic Brush Galleria specializes in corporate events in the Houston area.  Due to our central location in the heart of the Houston business district, we have welcomed hundreds of business groups into our studio.  From the first contact with our studio, we will make the entire event planning as simple and successful as possible.  A regular workshop can be scheduled allowing guests to choose from a variety of project options or we can can create a more specific specialized workshop offering just one project (ex: trays).  Our booking system allows each guest to choose the project they want to make and personalize it with their family name.  They are able to checkout without making payment if the company is covering the bill and payment by the company is handled with easy to use links via email.

The day of the event, your guests will arrive to our DIY studio set and ready to go.  Their wood will be on the table ready for them to sand, stain, paint, and build with power tools.  They will get to choose their paint colors and learn some new painting techniques.   This is a great team building experience as there is a lot of time for talking and helping each other with their projects.  We have also seen successful recruiting events in our studio, as our workshops can put some people out of their comfort zone and employers can watch how potential employees deal with new challenges.

Our studio is BYOB and all food and beverages are allowed.  Boudreaux Cajun Restaurant is a few doors down and is a great catering option.


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