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Be our guest at The Rustic Brush and be prepared to awake your creative spirit with your family, friends and colleagues! We offer instructor-led workshops designed to help you create beautiful one-of-a-kind signs and décor for your home, business or to gift your special someone.

There are endless designs and a variety of projects available.  We will guide you in the right direction, so don’t worry about your skill level. We provide all the materials you need to create a personalized work-of-art. Our Instructors will assist you in creating an original, customized masterpiece from start to finish. We have a relaxed and social environment that is perfect for entertaining and celebrating special events. We are a BYOB establishment and welcome you to make yourself at home. Come alone or bring your family, friends, co-workers to share this social crafting experience with others!

We are passionate about bringing our community together by inspiring creativity and by providing a fun, educational and fulfilling DIY experience for each of our guest, every time.  

We are thrilled to offer a space where guests of all ages can express themselves creatively!  Sip, build, and paint!  

What If…

you didn’t have to be a skilled carpenter, painter, or a Pinterest DIY master crafter to create personal, customized, one-of-a-kind wooden signs? 

What if you could create a memorable piece of home decor that would look great and impress your friends without having to spend a small fortune at Home Depot buying all the wood, paint, brushes, sand paper, and stains that you’ll only use once to create a one-time project? 

And what if you could co-create your masterpiece while hanging out with your family and friends in a fun and lively atmosphere complete with BYOB and great music?

      Projects & Themed Collections

      We offer the perfect social environment, guidance, and materials to create your dream project all in one place: no experience required. 

      Pick A Project, Any Project!