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With all the uncertainty in the world, you may decide to spend Valentine’s Day at home this year. While this may not initially feel as exciting as going out to a popular restaurant or a bustling town center, there are still plenty of ways to make the day special and show loved ones you care.

One of our favorite ways to bring in the festivities is trying out a couple fun DIY activities. Whether you’re celebrating with just you, your boo, or your family crew, throw on your pajamas and let’s get this Valentine’s party started!

A “Hearty” Breakfast

An old saying goes, “the way to someone’s heart is through their stomach,” so why not kick off the day with breakfast in the bed? Rather than your typical breakfast in bed where one partner brings the other breakfast to wake them up, consider making this a joint activity if you’re spending the day with loved ones.

After you finish cooking, then you can jump back into bed with your ready-to-eat breakfast. We recommend getting crafty by filling your plate with heart-shaped dishes.

  • Heart-shaped pancakes: Before pouring your batter in the skillet, place a heart-shaped cookie cutter down. If you don’t have a heart-shaped cookie cutter, carefully outline a heart with the batter, and fill in the rest. 
  • Heart-shaped bacon: Take a raw slice of bacon and cut it in half. Then, take the two pieces and stretch them into the shape of a heart. Carefully place your bacon in the oven and watch it cook into the perfect little heart.
  • Heart-shaped egg: You’ll want to start your heart-shaped egg as if you were making an omelet — whisk your eggs then allow the egg batter to cook flat. Once finished, don’t fold the large egg like you would an omelet. Instead, use a knife or kitchen scissors to cut out heart shapes.

DIY Valentine’s Cards

After breakfast, keep the love going by making your own folding heart card. DIY art projects are not only a great way to save money, but also a fun way to show loved ones you care.

We’ve included an easy printable here to get you started with your folding heart card. Be sure to print double-sided to make sure the pattern is on both sides.

After printing out the activity, cut out the heart and write a Valentine’s day message in the center. After folding the heart along the solid lines, seal it with a sticker and give it to someone special. 


Hopefully these crafts have inspired you to get creative with showing your love and appreciation this Valentine’s Day, even if you’re just spending a relaxing day at home.