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Summer is such a fun time of year for kids – family vacations, lots of playdates with friends, sports, and no school!  But, it is also the hottest time of year and often too hot to enjoy time outdoors.  We have brainstormed some great activities to keep your kiddos cooled off this summer.  Enjoy!

1) Homemade Snow Cones:

A tried-and-true way to cool off this summer is snow cones.  It is as simple as crushing up some ice, pouring on the syrup, and enjoying.  These simple and healthy snow cone recipes are sure to be a hit!

2) At-Home Craft Workshop:

Make time each week to get crafty!  Learn a new craft – water coloring, woodworking, building models, sand art, or any other craft that interests you.  Practice new types of stitches with sewing, embroidery, cross stitch, macramé, or knitting.  Don’t know where to start?  Try ordering a take-home kit from a DIY Craft Studio such as The Rustic Brush.  They have everything ready for you – wood, stain, paint, paint brushes and a stencil.  This is a great way to get into crafting this summer!  Try a different craft each week.  For more ideas on crafts check out this blog from National Craft Month.

3) Water Fun:

Sprinkler Obstacle Course

Who doesn’t remember running through the sprinklers on a hot summer day?  Make it a day the kids won’t forget by creating a sprinkler obstacle course out of backyard furniture, PVC pipes, foam pool noodles, and water hoses.  Come Together Kids has an easy to use set of directions to build your first obstacle course.  Join forces with a neighbor or too and build a massive Wipe Out Zone!

Momfluential had a great twist on a sprinkler course and turned it into a car wash for little bikes – the possibilities are endless.

Backyard Fence Art

Who says artwork must be on paper or wood?  Grab some sidewalk chalk and draw a masterpiece on your fence this summer!  Want to really surprise the kids?  Ask them to line up against the fence in a silly pose and mist them with the water hose!  Their silhouette will be left on the fence and they will be completely cooled off!

Here are some more water games for the backyard.


4) Summer Game Time:

Glow in the Dark Games

Beat the heat by waiting to go outside to play until it is dark.  Glow stick games are the perfect nighttime activity!  Use glow in the dark chalk to make a hopscotch board, put a small glow stick in leftover Easter eggs and hide them, or play a classic game of tic tac toe or Twister glow in the dark style!

 Play Board Games

Board Games, puzzles, and cards are a great past time.  They are not only fun, but teach kids about taking turns, winning and losing graciously, and strategic thinking.  Have your kids create a twist on a favorite game or DIY their own game for the family to play!



5) More Water Fun:

Water Balloon Fight

Water balloon fights are a blast on a hot summer day!  When the kids are ready for something new, try some of these alterative games shared by Paper Heart Family.  Try catching the water balloons in a colander, on your head!  Have a water balloon paint war!  The ideas are endless and so very wet!!

Frozen Shirt Race Game

Object of the game:  Be the first person to successfully put the shirt on!

Materials needed: One t-shirt soaked in water and then frozen overnight.  Be sure and ball it up really tight to make it extra challenging!

The Rules: Each person (or team) will be given a shirt to “open” up enough that they can put it over their head and wear it like a regular shirt.

Sound easy?  Try it!

Water Gun Art

Fill your water guns with liquid watercolors and create a masterpiece!  Kids will love getting wet and creating art at the same time.  This could also be fun as a game of water gun tag wearing white shirts – your very own tie dye shirt.


6) DIY Summer Camp:

When you blow through all the summer fun ideas in the first month of summer and there are still two hot months to go, turn your kids over to the professionals at a DIY Summer Camp.  At camp, your kids will use different medium to sand, paint, stain, and dye while learning about different DIY techniques.  The Rustic Brush has many locations to choose from – check their availability today!