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With a broad range of crafts to choose from, National Craft Month inspires all kinds of mediums. From paper and wood to fabrics, paint and metal craft, the month is dedicated to creativity and inspiration.  Whatever motivates you, take your craft from idea to reality this month. If you’ve only been thinking about learning, sign up for a class. (source: National Day Calendar)

1) Paper Crafts:

You started making paper crafts as a child and didn’t even know it – fortune tellers, origami, ninja stars, and notes to friends.  The world of paper crafts is unending and usually one of the least expensive crafts to make.  We can create photo albums, paper lanterns, invitations, party décor…the list is endless.  The website My Kids Time has some fun paper craft ideas you can complete with materials already in your home.

2) Wood Crafts:

Wood crafts can be intimidating if you don’t have the right set of tools at home.  Never fear, look for a local DIY studio like The Rustic Brush to help make your wood craft come to reality.  They can assist you in building a beautiful sign for your wall, welcome planter box for your porch, and many other home accessories such as trays, centerpieces, and holiday décor.  Leave the wood cutting to them, but you still get to use power tools to build the project!

3) Fabric Crafts:

We are truly in awe of the patchwork and detail quilt makers put into each and every quilt.  But, we have to remember, they all started out making the basics.  Go ahead, give it a try.  Find 4-5 patterns of fabric that speak to you, cut them into squares, and sew them together in a row.  Keep it simple and small at first – make a quilt for your favorite girl’s doll or a beloved pet.  Once you get the hang of it, you can try the more intricate patterns and larger spreads.  There are many tutorials out there for beginners, but here is a link to a great first quilt tutorial by Melanie Ham.


4) Ribbon Crafts:

Do you love celebrating each holiday by decorating your front door?  Making a wreath might be a fun craft to try this month.  All you need is a wreath form, tulle, ribbon, and some wire.  Get creative and mix match the patterns and sizes of the ribbon for a fun look.  If you need more guidance, there are lots of videos on-line or classes available at your local craft studios, such as The Rustic Brush.


5) Yarn Crafts:

Who doesn’t love snuggling in a soft warm throw?  During National Craft Month, try making your own hand knit blanket!  You can watch a video on-line to learn the steps or for a more social way of learning – grab some friends and take a class at a local craft studio, such as The Rustic Brush. Instructors will teach you the art of hand knitting, while you have a night of drinks and fun with your girls!


6) Paint Crafts:

Paint pouring is the hottest craft these days!  The results are amazing and doesn’t take a ton of time to complete.  The best advice is to start with a small project to learn different pouring techniques and then pour onto your larger project.  Mix colors, throw in some glitter, and have fun!  Darice has a great blog on Paint Pouring 101. 


7) Stencil Crafts:

Everyone loves welcome doormats at their front door, but wouldn’t it be great if you could make your own with the perfect phrase, saying, or your family name?  You can!  Print out a stencil on a large cutting machine, apply, and paint.  Don’t have a large cutting machine or the software to create the design, no problem!  Head to a local craft studio, such as The Rustic Brush, and they will help you create your design, print it out for you, and even provide the paint and brushes needed to make the doormat!


8) Bead Crafts:

Hobby Lobby sells a book on the basics of jewelry making, as well as a large selection of beads, wire, gems, and clips you can use to make jewelry.  Mix-match some beads and put them on wire to create dangle earrings or a cute bracelet.  Make your friends a piece of jewelry during National Craft Month.


9) Glass Crafts:

Stained glass can create a beautiful décor for your home or office.  Children can get in on the fun too with faux stained glass using tissue, markers, contact paper, and glass.  The possibilities are endless and the beauty of the art undeniable.  Play Ideas has some great examples and links for how to make a wide range of stained glass projects.


10) Junk Drawer Crafts:

Kids don’t need expensive supplies to be excited to craft.  The youngest child enjoys the magic of creating a piece of artwork out of markers, crayons, pipe cleaners, popsicle sticks, and water colors.  As they get older, let them explore with clay, wood, fabric, and glass.  Kids amaze us every day with their creativity and fearlessness to mix colors and textures.  Take the time to teach a child in your life a craft you love during National Craft Month.

Whatever you do, get creative and have a great National Craft Month!