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Stove Cover: Pattern Monogram


Stove Covers

  • Stove Cover (22in x 30in) — $105

Our stove covers are not only fun to build, but are a great way to add more counter space to your kitchen!

  • Custom Design — $20

What do you call this project – stove cover, noodle board stove top cover, farmhouse stove cover, large cheese tray, or electric stove top cover?  Whatever you call it in your house – you need one!  These are the best projects because they are so extremely useful.  Leave them on your stove in between meals to give your kitchen a nice clean look, add extra counter space, and decorate those boring burners.  Your custom stove top cover can be stained and painted to match the colors in your kitchen and we have a ton of designs to choose from.  If you have another idea in mind, we can even custom design something just for you!  This is a pretty big project.  So come to the workshop ready for some hands-on, elbow greasing kind of work!  

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