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Single-Board 5ft: Growth Chart Watch Us Grow



Single-Board 5FT Signs

  • Single-Board 5ft (11in x 60in) — $95

Decorate any room in your house or your front porch with these 5′ long signs.  Our add-on options at checkout allow you to add a frame, handles, or even turn it into a table runner by adding decorative risers.  There are so many ways to enjoy this beautiful project.

  • Custom Stencil Design — $20
  • Available Add-Ons:
    • Wooden Frames
    • Handles
    • Decorative Risers
    • Hooks
    • Double-Sided Stencils
    • Bows

Other Single Board Sizes Available (please note that not all designs are offered in every size due to design scaling):

Do you have a little one that you love beyond measure?  Ask any parent of a grown child and they will highly recommend keeping a wooden wall growth chart in your home.  These special keepsakes are a great way to look back and see how much your children have grown over the years.  Pick a theme for your board and come paint a personalized wooden growth chart at one of our studios.  Then, regularly check their height and mark it with the date.  This growth chart ruler will be something you can look back for years and remember when they were just little ones and how quickly they grew.

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