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Display Board: Hall Pass Arrow

Display Board

  • Display Board Hall Passes (5.5in x 16.5in) — $45

Every teacher needs one of these Hall Passes for their classroom.  With fun designs and easy to remove passes, they will be a big hit as a beginning of the year present for your new teacher or to craft for your own classroom.

Custom Stencil Design — $20

  • Available Add-Ons:
    • Bows
    • LED mini string lights

Sports are are a huge part of many of our lives and something that takes time, dedication, and perseverance.  Our display boards are meant to honor that hard work as a place to display multiple medal awards and remind you of the time you spent accomplishing your goals.  Make the medal holder as unique as you are and display it proudly in your room!  If you are looking for other sports room decoration ideas, checkout our Pinterest page!


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