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When you think of stylish home makeovers, garden and backyard sheds probably aren’t the first thing that come to mind. Yet they can be a major source of revitalization and aesthetic improvement for your home’s yard and exterior, which can help you sell your home more quickly by adding a strong shot of curb appeal. Best of all, with these six inexpensive ideas, you don’t have to spend a fortune to give your garden shed a significant refresh.

Freshen up With a Contemporary Paint Color

A fresh coat of paint is almost always a relatively inexpensive way to jazz up any part of your home. In most cases, your cost will only be a few hundred dollars, making it a low-cost project with a potentially high-level visual impact. Choose fresh, modern colors such as a sleek charcoal gray, deep teal, or a more sedate greige with a shock of bright red for the doors or trim. Or add a touch of whimsy with a painted-on mural or creative border.

Add Some Colorful Window Boxes

Attach some simple window boxes to your shed and plant flowers to add some color and spirit to your shed’s design profile. Geraniums, petunias, begonias, zinnias, and nasturtiums are all great choices for window boxes. However, double check the placement of your boxes to make sure your selections will have access to adequate sunlight. 

Install a Striped Awning

Add a little shade and colorful visual interest with a striped awning in a color scheme that complements the shed’s paint job. Choose an awning that’s sized well for the shed’s dimension, and consider hiring a professional for the installation. Depending on the style and size of the awning, you can expect to spend $400 or so for the entire project.

Improve the Storage Features

A garden shed should first and foremost suit your storage needs and preferences. Add to your shed’s organizational scheme with some new shelving, cabinets, hooks, and other storage elements. A streamlined system that displays your gardening tools, equipment and materials for easy access can help open up your shed, keep things grouped logically, and make more of its square footage available for use. 

Make Use of the Surrounding Area

Go beyond your shed’s four walls by creating useful living areas around the shed. For example, a small seating area of three or four chairs grouped around a small firepit helps extend the visual span of the shed with a new and functional outdoor space. Or you can use one exterior wall as the backdrop of an auxiliary garden space, which you can use for herbs, flowers, or vegetables.

Add a Small Patio 

You don’t have to expand the actual shed in order to make the space seem larger. Add a small patio or deck space to the shed’s exterior. You can use that space as a staging or prep area for gardening work, or add potted plants or flowers for additional growing space. 

Shed the Old Style for Something New and Fresh

With these ideas, you can update your garden shed’s looks and functionality for a small investment of time and energy. And if you’re looking for some guidance on how to freshen up your home, yard, and landscaping for a quicker sale, why not talk to an experienced local real estate agent? They’re the best source for information on what local home shoppers are looking for. 

Guest Blogger: Annie Sisk