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Your home office should be a place where you feel comfortable, energized, and motivated to get work done. The environment should encourage mindfulness and feed your creativity, so you can be productive every day. If your home office décor isn’t up to the mark, you’ll end up procrastinating, missing deadlines, and feeling dejected. First of all, you need an appropriate space to turn into a home office. Your workplace cannot be some cramped closet or the corner of your bedroom. You need a dedicated area, which is clean, airy, peaceful, and aloof of distractions around the house.

The following tips will help you decorate your home office in a way that keeps your spirits lifted throughout the work shift:

1. Pick a cool color to paint the walls
Solid color walls are considered most appropriate for a workplace, since multicolored patterned wallpaper isn’t exactly easy on the eyes. The walls should be like a canvas where you can project your imagination; complex designs with too much going on may trigger confusion and annoyance. Light colors make the office look larger, but deeper shades of some colors like blue and violet work too.

2. Invest in appropriate furniture
Your home office needs furniture that is functional and picturesque. Your chair must be restful and your working desk has to be of adequate height to prevent ergonomic injuries. There should be enough cabinets and storage space to keep your work stuff organized. Include a comfy couch in the room for lounging and resting during breaks. Opt for furniture pieces that take up less space, so that your workplace appears to be de-cluttered and roomy.

3. Optimize Lighting
If your home office illuminates nicely with natural light during the day, consider it an excellent advantage. Sunlight is wonderful for your health, and helps cut down utility bills. If the room does not receive sufficient sunlight, you will have to rely on artificial sources. Install energy-efficient lighting that brightens up the space, whilst not causing a glare.

4. Enable a relaxing view
Your work station must be located at a spot that exposes you to an exquisite view. If it is possible to face a window that showcases a beautiful natural landscape, it doesn’t get better than that. Taking your eyes off the computer screen every now and then to look at greenery at a distance is recommended to reduce stress on the eyes and mind. If a beautiful outdoor view is not available, put up a nice painting or scenery to gaze at.

5. Include inspirational pieces
Many employers inspire their workforce by placing motivational art and quotes around the workplace.  These pieces bring some character to an otherwise dull looking building, and channel positivity. You can either buy these pieces or make some yourself by exercising, i.e. an opportunity to express your creativity. Collaborate with The Rustic Brush to create something exclusive and memorable, whilst having the time of your life with loved ones.

6. Create an Accent Wall
Your home office walls should not look like an art gallery or a shop of trinkets; the barer the balls, the fewer the chances of getting sidetracked during work hours. Nonetheless, being enclosed by walls that are entirely bare can be depressing as well. The best solution is to create an accent wall where you showcase all the hangings and other stuff having emotional value. This accent wall can be a good distraction when you’re feeling tired or overwhelmed.

7. Keep a few plants
Natural green elements fit well with all kinds of décor, and help develop a relaxing mood. Plants photosynthesize under light and produce oxygen, so the air in your room will remain fresh throughout the day. A few potted plants in your home office will look pretty and help you relieve tension.

8. Incorporate Minimalism
Get rid of all the stuff that is of no use in relation to your work. Incorporate minimalism by sorting out messes, disposing of junk, and keeping everything in place. Allow minimum furniture in the room, so that you can avoid slip and fall accidents, and have plenty room to move around. Keeping useless stuff around at work interferes with concentration and makes the space look tacky.

9. Set up a beverage and snack station
You shouldn’t have to leave the home office every time you need a drink or snack to replenish your energy. Set up a snack station or keep a mini fridge that is equipped with everything you need. You should remain hydrated and have easy access to your coffee fix. Snack on fruit, nuts, and similar nutritious options rather than munching on processed food products like crisps, cookies, and candy.

10. Add pops of color with stationary
Colorful stationary stands out on the work desk, which makes it easy to find and pleasant to look at. The pops of color add quirky elements to the strict workplace, which in turn boosts levels of dopamine so you feel happy.

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John Adams is a paralegal and lifestyle blogger who concentrates on health/fitness, self-development, personal injury law, and home-improvement. He encourages readers to fight for their rights and overcome obstacles holding them back. He believes that every person can improve the quality of his/her life by thinking positive and making better choices.