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We’ve been making gifts for Mom since we were little.  Remember making homemade cards in school with your handprint and a sweet message?  We guarantee it was one of her most treasured gifts.  Don’t stop making Mom special gifts just because you are older.  Here are our top 4 ideas for things you can DIY for your Mom that she is sure to LOVE!


Floral Arrangement

Who didn’t pick a flower (or weed) for Mom on their way home from the school bus or on the soccer field instead of kicking the ball?  Remind Mom of those special moments with a floral arrangement you put together yourself.  Fresh or artificial, grab some flowers that feel like Mom.

Make it even more special by building Mom a new centerpiece to put her flowers in year round.  A simple wooden centerpiece with a set of mason jars is a great way to display flowers and other items on her kitchen table.  You can DIY this yourself at home or come into The Rustic Brush for some DIY assistance.

  • Wood needed: 1x4x18″ (2), 1x4x16.5″ (1), 1x4x3.5″ (2)
  • Tools: Miter saw, nail gun, and vinyl cutter


  • Cut the boards and stencil
  • Stain your boards.
  • Paint a design on the two long boards.
  • Nail all the pieces together.
  • Place 4-5 mason jars inside and fill with flowers.


gifts for mom
gifts for mom

Blanket Ladder

Does Mom have a ton on special blankets or quilts that would make a beautiful display?  Maybe she would like a blanket ladder to show them off!  Blanket ladders are not only useful gifts for Mom, but make a beautiful piece of home decor.  The Rustic Brush offers classes on how to build solid wood, personalized blanket ladders.  Just sign up and we will get everything ready for you to build a dream gift for Mom!

Take it a step further and have a new blanket made for Mom.  Use a website, like Shutterfly, to turn your favorite family pictures into a blanket Mom will love to snuggle under!  Or learn to make a hand-knit blanket at a DIY studio near you!

Serving Trays

If your Mom loves to host parties or family get togethers, a tray might be a great gift!  You can DIY a variety of different styled trays pretty easily at The Rustic Brush.  We offer three styles – farmhouse tray, framed tray, and a round tray.  Book a workshop and learn how to sand, stain, build it with power tools, and paint the design of your choice.  These thoughtful gifts for Mom will be her absolute favorite, we promise!

Want to really make Mom’s day?  Give Mom the gift of time together.  Book a Charcuterie Workshop at your local DIY studio.  You can both not only learn how to make a tray, but also learn how to arrange some delicious food charcuterie style – cheese rivers, rose meats, and lots of color!  Mom will be talking about your DIY date for years.


gifts for mom
gifts for mom

Cake Stands

Gifts for Mom don’t have to be traditional.  Think about what she loves to do and find a way to incorporate that into your gift.  Maybe your Mom is a fantastic baker!  Cakes, muffins, and cupcakes will all look terrific displayed on top of a beautifully crafted cake stand.  DIY her a stand to show off her latest pastries.  Offered in two different sizes, these unique gifts for Mom are sure to be extra sweet!


gifts for mom
gifts for mom

Gifts for your Mom are always special.  Surprise Mom this year with a hand-made, unique gift!  Our DIY studios are the perfect place to make a special gift for Mom that she will treasure!