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Have you started shopping yet?  If so, you might notice that the shelves are emptier than usual.  This is the perfect year to DIY your holiday gift list for your loved ones.  Book a workshop to make your own gifts this year and have fun while you make them.  Bring some friends along or make it a date night!  It’s a win-win situation for everyone. 

I love snuggling with my mom on the couch when we watch movies, what should I make her for Christmas?

A new blanket and blanket ladder of course!  Moms and Grannies love snuggling with their babies (young and old), so a new blanket and blanket ladder make a great present!

These beautiful ladders are not only a great piece of home decor, but are functional too!  They can hold up to 3 large blankets!  There are a variety of design options to choose from and you get to choose the stain and paint colors.

Want to make a blanket from scratch?  Some of our DIY studios offer a hand knit blanket workshop – check your local studio for details.

My dad loves drinking beer when he cooks on the grill, what can I make for him?

Our new bottle openers are a HUGE hit with the beer drinking crowd!  Your dad will love this functional gift.  Choose a funny saying to decorate it with and give him a good laugh.  He can hang it on the wall near the grill and pop a cold one any time he likes.

My sister loves to do craft projects, what can I make her?

If she is like most crafters, she has an abundance of supplies and tools laying around everywhere.  A craft box could be a great option for her.  You can build her this cute box and personalize it with her name.  Add some mason jars and she has some storage she will love to add to her crafting area.  She might even craft you a “Best Sibling” award!  


My aunt has a beautiful garden and loves sitting on her porch.  Is there something I can build for her?

We have the perfect gift for your aunt!  Our planter boxes are very popular with gardeners.  They are a beautiful addition to any garden and she will love filling it up with seasonal flowers all year long.  We have a wide variety of designs to choose from and a rainbow of paint colors to match her color scheme perfectly.  



What can I make for my dog?

You probably love snuggling with your dog at night in your bed, but he might like his own bed to sleep in sometimes.  Our pet beds are perfect for small/medium sized pets.  They are sturdy, durable, and the best part is your dog can’t tear it up like a soft bed.  Put a soft pillow or blanket on it and he will be sleeping like a King!



My Nana spoils us rotten!  I would love to give her something special.

That is the best part of being a Nana – spoil the grandkids and send them home!  Why not make a sign for her front door, advertising that she is an awesome Nana of some amazing grandkids?  You know she will love it and show it off to all of her friends.  



No matter how long or short your gift list is this year, the recipient will love receiving something made by your hands!  Personalize the gift with their name and it becomes even more of a favorite.  Give a meaningful gift this year and DIY something they will love!  Merry Christmas from all of our DIY studios!