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July is a busy month for seasonal decorating. From red, white, and blue to back to school, July keeps the seasonal decorator busy changing out all of their décor. To make decorating in July simple, classic, and beautiful, we have narrowed down three pieces of easily interchangeable home décor you need for each phase of July decorating – something for your front door, something to hang in your entryway, and a centerpiece for your dining room table.

1) Front Door Decor:

The front door is the easiest way place to decorate that makes a huge impact. You are sure to wow your neighbors with some of these beautiful and DIY front door decorations.

4th of July Door Hanger: Show your patriotism with a splash of red, white, and blue on your front door.  Head over to The Rustic Brush to create one of these beautiful patriotic front door hangers that will make a great first impression with all of your guests.

To transition back into summer decorations, change out your patriotic door hanger for a beautiful DIY watermelon wreath. CraftCreateCook has created a scrumptious looking watermelon wreath that will look great all summer long.

The last occassion we need to decorate for in July is back to school. Try replacing your watermelon wreath with this adorable DIY Back to School ruler wreath found at GoodGrandma.

2) Entryway Decor:

Walking into a decorated entryway is such a treat for any decorator.  With the door already decorated, let us show you 3 interchangeable ways to spruce up your interior entryway this month.

This beautiful ribbon, lace, and fabric flag is a fun inexpensive project to make on a lazy Saturday and it will have you swooning every time you walk by your front door. You can find an easy step-by-step DIY tutorial at Craftiments.

After The Fourth, replace your American flag with this ridiculously cute lemon circle door hanger. Do not be afraid to think outside the box, this front door hanger is beautifully repurposed as entryway décor with a staged vase of faux lemons. The Rustic Brush offers DIY Take home kits that would make a perfect July at home activity. Find your closest local studio to reserve your project. 

For the back to school phase of your July entry decorations, head to the dollar store to pick up some simple craft supplies to create this fun pencil statement piece. All of the how-to directions can be found at SunshineandMunchkins. Stage this cutie with some faux apples and a few old books and your heart is sure to soar every time you walk by.

circle door hanger
circle door hanger

3) Tabletop Decor:

Last, but certainly not least is our tabletop décor. These decorations will be the seasonal décor you see the most and will need to be easy to move for daily use of your table. We love to keep the tabletop décor simple but make a big statement.

Starting with a simple galvanized bucket, pull some inspiration from Home with Holly J, and simply insert some elegant blue and white flowers with a few small flags to pull your piece all together. The simple elegance and practicality of this piece makes it even better.

To transition back into summer décor, it is as simple as removing your patriotic décor from your galvanized bucket and replacing it with some beautiful yellow flowers. The yellow will not only tie in your cute lemon entry decorations, but it will also bring in a light and airy summer vibe to your highly utilized table. Find inspiration for your summer table SarahJoyBlog.

For the back-to-school phase of tabletop decorating, you will not want to miss out on this adorable tabletop centerpiece from The Rustic Brush. The centerpiece itself is a great addition to easily switch out seasonal décor, but to stay on track with our back-to-school theme, The Rustic Brush has made the add-on back to school mini tag trio available when you build your own tiered centerpiece in one of their DIY workshops. You will not want to miss out on all the opportunities to decorate with this adorable DIY piece. Check out all the design options at The Rustic Brush.  

We hope these resources bring inspiration to your July decorating phases and happy crafting!