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October means one thing – Halloween!  Think back to your childhood and you are sure to recall your favorite Halloween costumes, bobbing for apples, hayrides, and getting scared on Halloween night!  Now it’s your turn to decorate your home for this fun holiday and create memories with your family.  We have included some amazing DIY activities to help make this Halloween one you will never forget!

Decorate the Front Porch:

October 1st is the day to get out all the Halloween decorations.  Create a graveyard in your front yard, put fake spider webs in the trees, play eerie music through a speaker, hang witches hats from your porch ceiling, and put jack-o-lanterns everywhere!  Finally, decorate your front door for all those trick or treaters!  If you find that your front door decorations are lacking, consider making some new ones at a DIY Workshop like The Rustic Brush.  The Rustic Brush offers classes where you can make exactly what you want to complete your Halloween decorations.  Schedule a workshop to make a sign, door hanger, doormat, and/or a planter box.  Kids will be flocking to the best porch on the block to get their treats Halloween night!

Halloween Party:

Halloween parties are so much fun to throw and easy to DIY!  Just like planning a kid’s birthday party, we need to consider food, decorations, games, and of course costumes!  First, let’s start with the food.

  • Charcuterie trays are so popular right now.  How about using a plastic skeleton to create your Halloween charcuterie spread?  We found this great DIY How-To by Trisha Sprouse that everyone needs to make!  Kids and adults will LOVE eating out of a skeleton at your Halloween party!
  • Need a trick to get the kids to eat their vegetables this Halloween?  Maybe they will enjoy dipping them into pumpkin “vomit”.  Just cut out a face and mouth from a small pumpkin and pour Ranch in front of it to look like vomit.
  • Cupcakes are always a hit at parties, so just add a spooky element to them.  These chocolate mummy cakes are the perfect addition.  Check out the DIY instructions on Skinny Taste.
  • Witch finger pretzels will have everyone playing with their food at your party.  The Spruce Eats has an easy-to-follow recipe for this fun snack.

Next up, let’s have some spooky fun!  Minute to Win It type games are quick, easy, and always a big hit with kids and adults.  Split into teams and let the games begin!

  • Eyeball roll – using only a straw to blow through, you must move the eyeball across the table to the finish line.
  • Cauldron Toss – get several small plastic pumpkins for each team (marshmallows work too) and see how many you can toss into a cauldron in one minute.
  • Ghost Stack – draw ghost faces on 10 cups per team, see which team can stack them up in a pyramid and take them back down the fastest.
  • Flying Spiders – hang some fake spider webs on the wall, then use a plastic spoon to flick spider rings into the webs.  The team that gets the most to stick wins.
  • Eyeball Soup – place a cauldron with a little water in it on the floor.  Teams will try to bounce ping pong balls into the cauldron before the time runs out.
  • Mummy Please – each team has a roll of toilet paper or crepe paper, the first team to wrap their player and empty the roll of toilet paper wins.
  • Candy Corn Stick Up – each team has the same number of candy corns and a paper plate.  They have to bite off the tip of the candy corn and make it stick to the plate forming a circle.  The team with the most standing at the end of a minute wins.
  • Take a Bite – wearing vampire teeth, players have to transfer as many marshmallows as they can from one bowl to another.
  • Play a couple rounds of Truth or Scare!  Creative, clean game by PlayPartyPlay.

Whether you’re throwing a party or just spicing up your family’s Halloween festivities, these DIY tips and tricks are sure to leave an impression.  Have a BOOtiful Halloween!