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We buy clothes in collections – shirt, bottoms, and shoes.  There is something magical about an outfit that makes you feel pretty, confident, and/or stylish.  Entire companies have been created over the last couple years that focus on creating custom looks for their customers.

We buy furniture in collections – couch, chair, and table.  Furniture stores learned long ago that customers can visualize how furniture will look in their homes if they arrange the pieces in collections in the showroom.  Put the perfect arm chair and a great coffee table next to the featured couch, add some accessories, and customers will want the entire collection to be in their living room tonight!

We should decorate our front door in collections! 

The Rustic Brush is pleased to introduce our first set of porch collections.  These trios will make it easy to decorate your front door year round.  Fall is the perfect time to introduce these collections, as many people like to decorate for the various holidays and themes that fall between September and December.

Football Front Porch Collection:

Football Fans – it’s game time!  Bring in the whole team and knock out this trio of projects to get your front porch ready for the big game.  Our Go Team or Go Home door hanger is customizable to include your favorite team’s name.  Is your house divided?  We can make a custom door hanger for that too!

The 5ft Single Board lets everyone know this is your “Home Turf” and the doormat pulls it all together for “Football Season”.  Run, don’t walk, to your local studio to tackle this fun Football Themed Collection.

Pumpkin Front Porch Collection:

Our simple and chic Fall Pumpkin Collection is going to be a huge hit!  The pumpkins displayed have fun patterns and each guest will get to choose the color scheme they want for their front porch.

Make your guests feel welcome the minute they step on your porch with the loving messages “This is Exactly Where You Belong” and “Come as You Are”.  Isn’t that what Fall and Thanksgiving are all about?  Complete the collection with a sweet Pumpkin door hanger with your family name and your Fall Collection is complete.

Sunflower Front Porch Collection:

The National Garden Bureau has designated 2021 the Year of the Sunflower! It’s hard to not love these lovely flowers. Very few plants are as heat-tolerant, resistant to pests, and simply beautiful. So, it only makes sense to make this beautiful Sunflower Collection this year!

Your front porch will be as bright and cheery as this vibrant plant.  The planter box is the #1 priority for this collection – built to display some beautiful greenery year round and, of course, sunflowers when they are in season!  Who doesn’t want their home filled with “joy and sunshine”?  The door hanger displays a sunflower and family name, while the doormat is simple, but welcoming.

Fun fact about sunflowers: Sunflowers are heliotropic, which means that they turn their flowers to follow the movement of the Sun across the sky east to west, and then returns at night to face the east, ready again for the morning sun. Heliotropism happens during the earlier stages before the flower grows heavy with seeds.

So, what are you waiting for?  With 17 locations in Texas and Louisiana, there is sure to be a studio near you!  These Porch Collections are not only fun to make, but will inspire you to keep decorating all year long.  DIY your porch collection and be the talk of the neighborhood!