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You have worked hard.  You set goals, worked long hours, and competed against some of the best.  Now it is time to celebrate your accomplishments!

Celebrating achievements can not only boost confidence and increase motivation, but help with team retention and future performance.  Taking time to celebrate your success allows you time to assess what worked so you can repeat the process again with your next goal.  Look over these fun ideas for ways to celebrate with any team.


Work Team

In a survey by the American Psychological Association (APA), most respondents said that their companies did operate some kind of recognition scheme. However, more than a third of the people surveyed had received no recognition in the previous year. Less than half said that recognition was provided fairly, and only half said that they felt valued by their employer. (Mindtools)

It is so important to reward your employees when they exceed your expectations and/or achieve a goal they set.  It helps to build and maintain a strong team, boost confidence, and make your company a preferred place to work.  There are a variety of ways to celebrate your team’s accomplishments.  Think about what motivates your team and find the appropriate reward.

  • Recognition can be as simple as verbally acknowledging a job well done!  Who doesn’t love an occasional pat on the back and being told they did a good job?
  • Give a gift!  Cash is always a very rewarding gift, but not the only option.  A bouquet of flowers, edible arrangement, charcuterie tray, or gift card to a favorite restaurant are wonderful and very thoughtful gifts that will make your team members feel appreciated.
  • Plan a day out of the office for the team!  A team outing at the company’s expense can be exactly the reward  your employees need.  It gives them time to relax and enjoy some social time together, build comradery, and stronger relationships.  Consider an event that is more hands-on and active, such as a DIY workshop at The Rustic Brush.  Team workshops are 3 hours of non-stop fun with everyone making a piece of home decor of their choosing.  They will sand, stain, build with power tools, and paint a design on a piece of wooden decor.  Your team will enjoy this thoughtful and fun day out!
  • Give them an extra day off!  A 3 day weekend could be exactly what they need after all that work to achieve their goal!


Sports Team

The season has been fun, your team did GREAT, they learned a lot of new skills, and fell in love with the sport even more.  Now it is time to celebrate and display the bling!  Plan a team party they will be talking about for a very long time – a DIY party at The Rustic Brush.  Your players will build a display board with enough hooks to hang all of their medals.  Let everyone to see how hard they have worked!

display board
display board
display board

Team You

Have you set goals for this year?  Personal goals, family goals, career goals.  Maybe you have written your own book, opened a new business, lost 10 lbs, received a compliment about how you helped someone, ran a 5K, or you decided to make a career change.  Every accomplishment large or small needs to be celebrated!  How do you celebrate?

  • Have a glass of champagne.  Toast yourself and your accomplishments.
  • Treat yourself to something out of your budget.  A new dress, purse, new golf club, or whatever would excite you!
  • Check something off your bucket list.  Reward yourself with something you have always wanted to do.  Choose something you want to do and do it!
  • Make a date with your family – reconnect after possibly having to spend time away from them while achieving your goals.
  • Share your accomplishments.  Let your friends and family know what you have achieved so they can celebrate with you.
  • Restore your body.  Accomplishing your goals can take a toll on your body and mind.  Take some time to relax, get a massage, take a day off, read a book, make a craft, or something that you find relaxing.
  • Try something new – a new restaurant, a new activity, or a new book.
  • Plan a game night with friends.

Then set a new goal and keep working!

Celebrate your accomplishments.  It’s that simple.  If you have achieved something you are proud of, celebrate it and enjoy the feeling of accomplishment!  Include others who have helped you along the way, and celebrate in ways that nurture your body, mind, and spirit.  You will be more motivated, your team will feel included, and everyone will be happier because they will be feel appreciated.