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Interior design trends are like fashion trends; styles are constantly
changing and adapting to the zeitgeist of different generations.
“Modern farmhouse,” “bohemian,” and “art deco” remain popular
interior design trends, and mid-century modern (furniture, colors,
and patterns that look as if they were plucked out of your
grandmother’s living room) is back in a big way.
You can make your home stand out from everyone else’s with these home decor and design trends.

One With Nature

Biophilic design trends are moving from office buildings into homes. Many office spaces have plants, foliage, and natural light throughout the building to help workers connect to nature. Bring the biophilic style to your home with ferns, ficus trees, and pictures of landscapes. It will surely bring a calming and fresh atmosphere to your space.

DIY Plant Pots

A new quirky trend that you’ll start noticing is houseplants in unusual containers. It’s an easy way to show off your foliage and your unique style at the same time. Use what you already have, or if you need some inspiration, head to your favorite thrift store and find a container you like. Extra points if it has holes or some sort of drain at the bottom. Then, once you have the perfect pot, head to the nursery and select the perfect succulent, plant, or flower to put in it.


Earthy and Neutral Tones

Earthy color tones are in right now. Browns, greens, and shades of beige are helping people feel connected to nature in the Digital Age. Terracotta walls and forest green throw pillows will make your space warm and inviting whether you’re having friends over or you’re enjoying some much-needed alone time.

Sustainability and Smart Tech

Sustainable homes are another new trend everyone is quickly getting behind. Increasingly hot summers call for energy conservation and eco-friendly systems in your home. If you install solar or wind-powered energy devices in your Texas home, you can apply for a property tax exemption, while Louisiana has an Ad Valorem tax exemption for solar electric and water systems. You can also use technology and smart home devices to connect your lights, A/C and heating, and even your TV to one network.


Minimalism isn’t going anywhere, but for those of us who aren’t on that trend, there’s maximalism. If you have a lot of art, books, and trinkets you have collected over the years, display them! Otherwise, they are just sitting in boxes collecting dust. While minimalists believe less is more, maximalists believe more is more!

Floating Shelves

Utilize your wall space and avoid clutter with floating shelves. When it comes to storage and displays, you can find almost anything online, but when you take the DIY approach to shelves you can make them as unique as you are.

Bookshelf Gallery

Have small statues, paintings, or gemstones you want to show off? Place them between books. Another spin on things is to turn some books to the side so the cover is facing the room instead of just the spine. When you have more to display than just books, use this space as a mini-gallery for all your special pieces.

Hanging China Cabinet

Instead of storing your fine china plates in the cabinet, decorate your kitchen or dining room walls with them. Using wall plate hangers, you’ll free up your cabinets for storage and add interest to your walls. If you like this idea but don’t want to risk your expensive pieces falling and breaking, you can always find decorative plates at vintage stores. 

Rugs as Art

Another result of the 2020 lockdown: rug makers. Making rugs became so accessible, many have now turned the hobby into a job. And lucky for you –– you can find a rug with nearly any kind of design. But with something so intricate and beautiful, why lay it on the floor where it will get stepped on? Instead, hang it up for all to admire.

Oversized Mirrors

The Ultrafragola mirror by Ettore Sottsass had the internet in a chokehold recently. So of course now everyone is posting selfies with oversized mirrors in their bedrooms and living rooms. This is a cool way to easily take up wall space, and maybe a bit of floor too, but it’s also fun to have an entire wall dedicated to mirrors. While large rectangle mirrors are easy to find, you should also keep an eye out for circular and funky-shaped mirrors. 

Accent Walls

Ditch colors and think outside of the box when it comes to an accent wall. Look to nature or textures to make a wall stand out. Fun wallpapers are an easy way to give a room personality and you won’t have to worry about dirtying the floors with paint splatters. Parents are also turning walls into giant chalkboards for kids to use for learning and play. If you do that, just be careful that your kids know there is only one wall designated for drawing!

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Statement Ceilings

Many are looking up to the ceiling and seeing a fifth wall to decorate. Some people are just painting the ceiling a different color to give the room a certain vibe, while craftier folks are painting murals or patterns on the ceiling. Ceiling fan medallions are another way to spruce up your ceiling. Most are white but you can paint them to match the design you’ve picked for your fifth wall.  

Backyard Bar

Don’t forget about the backyard when completing your home renovations! Outdoor spaces add value to your home, and while pools and outdoor pizza ovens can be costly, backyard bars can make your home party central for friends and family. Stock your outdoor bar with bottle openers, ice, and drinks, and complete it with speakers and a fun DIY sign to welcome everyone in.

Clover Yard

A new trend popping up in backyards across America is getting rid of basic grass for other types of ground cover. Clover yards add a mystical aura to your yard and are also drought-tolerant, pollinator-friendly, and low-maintenance. Other grass alternatives are frog fruit, horseherb, and monkey grass. 

When you’re familiar with different design trends, you can create fresh ideas to decorate your home, whether you are just moving in or revamping your current space. With a can-do attitude and open mind, shake things up at home to make your space as stylish and comfortable as you want it.

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Gina Thompson is an experienced multimedia journalist, producer, and content writer born and raised in Texas. In her spare time, she loves catching a live band, dancing, and finding the next big taco spot. As a writer, she is passionate about making a positive impact on her community by elevating the voices and stories that need to be heard.

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