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Cookie Decorating Specialty Workshops

How it works…

Our DIY Cookie Decorating Workshops are a great combination of two very fun crafts – woodworking and decorating cookies like a professional.  First, your local TRB instructors will walk you through the steps of building a selected project.  Projects will vary based on the holiday and/or theme.  Guests will stain their projects, use power tools to put them together (if needed), and paint the design of their choice.

The second half of the workshop will be learning how to decorate cookies.  Our cookie professionals come from local small businesses and are very knowledgeable about the techniques of icing the cookies!  Guests are welcome to snack on their cookies while in studio or we will wrap it up and send it it home with you.

All workshops at The Rustic Brush are BYOB, so feel free to bring your own snacks and beverages.  So grab some friends, book your spot at your local TRB, and have a great night of crafting.


The Rustic Brush studios are individually owned and operated.  The process of the workshop might vary slightly, but all owners will do their best to communicate those differences.  The boards used may vary to give variety to repeat guests, a step in the process might be removed to accommodate time restraints, or other similar changes.  Cookie designs and techniques shown in pictures are not guaranteed and vary from vendor to vendor, and usually by workshop to focus on seasonal themes and decor.

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