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Marketing is the number one way we can increase the number of leads/guests that not only know about our company, but potentially buy a workshop.  We need to be marketing our studios in as many ways as possible.  A few of the most popular are listed below.

Specialty Workshops

Plan Your Specialty to Make it a Success


  • Make an annual plan for all specialty events
  • Plan out each type of specialty in detail – key players, target audience, price, supplies needed, dates advertised
  • Advertise your specialty in a least 4 different times and ways
  • Fact: Digital Marketing experts estimate that most Americans are exposed to around 4,000 to 10,000 advertisements each day.  How will you stand out?
  • Your guests need to be “touched” 8 times before they will make a purchase.  What are some ways you can reach your guest 8x?
    • Facebook Event
    • Google Event
    • Facebook Post / Instagram Post (can be multiple times)
    • Facebook Story / Instagram Story (use # and @ to draw new guests)
    • Google Post
    • Studio Email Blast
    • Promotion / Giveaway
    • Facebook / Instagram Live
    • Talking about events in Studio, have signs/slideshow in studio

Social Media

Many Guests Find us on Social Media


  • Post on Facebook, Instagram, and Google
  • Use a variety of types of posts – not just “completed workshop” photos
  • Invite people to follow your page
  • Boost posts that you want more (new) people to see and react to
    • Then, be sure to go back and invite all of them to follow your FB page!
  • Facebook Business Suite – use for scheduling your posts for the month
    • scheduling your posts, stories, and even a simple email
    • insights – tells you who is looking at your page
    • comments / messages – be sure to respond to all comments and direct messages, get the conversation started!
    • Marketing hashtags – use mix of local and national hashtags (local is more likely to  get you business)
  • Instagram
    • create stories regularly
    • save your stories in the highlights section
    • boost posts
  • Yelp
    • please name your studio “The Rustic Brush – studio name”
    • update contact information
    • add pictures regularly

It’s all about Networking

It’s all about Networking

  • Ideas- Chamber, BNI (allows 2 meetings per group for free), NIA, Local GNO, Churches, Woman’s groups,
  • Festivals, Booths, Trade Shows, Collaborations
  • *Make sure to use a promo code to track

Google Searches

When they search, we want to pop up!

  • Set up Yelp
  • Google My Business
    • Add photos 1-2 times per month
    • Add products – corporate events, birthday parties, etc
    • Update Days open
    • Respond to reviews
    • ” Share Review Link” – Ask for reviews
  • Google My Business
    • Google Ads:
    • Key words/ phrases: Board and brush, painting with a twist, AR workshop, pottery class Houston
  • We will take care of the SEO for the website
  • Link back to the website in your marketing as much as possible.

Past Guests

Past Guests are the Best!

  • Guest Experience- Do you have any workshop questions?
  • Follow up email – Review and personalize
  • Follow up promotions?  Encourage gift card purchases +20%,  Loyalty program, etc
  • Birthday Emails
  • Email Blast (Studio Specific activities)
  • Email Blast Headers on OneDrive
  • Email MUST be approved before sending

Referrals are Key

Referrals are the Best Compliment

  • Talk about your business – TO EVERYBODY

  • Do a contest in studio – Must check into your location and tag you – everybody post on social media- Whoever gets the most comments on their post gets a – $20 studio credit

  • Ask for reviews

  • Run a promotion where they must tag their friends to enter contest.

  • Paid websites someone refers they get $10 off


Philanthropy – Give back to the community!

  • School fundraisers – they come into the studio and host a workshop

  • Increase price of workshop and give difference to school

  • Fundraisers – tiered fundraiser with revenue donation

  • Donate gift cards, projects, date nights

  • Volunteer in the community

  • Partnering with Non-Profits

Paid Advertising

Paid Advertising

  • Keep local and use a promo code to track sales

  • Re-evaluate a monthly advertisement regularly to make sure it is cost effective

  • Make sure the magazine/newspaper/website reaches your target audience – typically women ages 30 – 55